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IOAT Labs cooperates with PaladinVPN and pays for your free premium VPN subscription. IOAT Labs gathers information available on freely accessible websites. Information collected includes prices of products, car rental prices, flight prices, and other publicly available information from many websites. Big brand companies, universities, banks, and other trusted institutions use the collected data to improve their services and offers.

Are you collecting my data?

100% no. PaladinVPN nor IOAT Labs is interested in your data. We do not see nor do we log any of your data. We have a 100% no-log data policy.

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Paladin VPN protects your privacy by encrypting your data. It unblocks any site within seconds to ease your access anywhere at every time. With us, you have secure, safe, and unlimited web surfing.

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PaladinVPN is your free premium VPN provider protecting your privacy.


PaladinVPN secures your identity by blocking the disclosure of your actual IP address, so you remain anonymous.


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Paladin VPN allows you limitless access to any website from all over the globe, connecting you to the free internet anywhere you want. Enjoy freedom from censor ship and local restrictions.

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